The Canadian Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction Research Alliance (Œuvre Durable for its acronym in French) and i-Rec (Information and Research for Reconstruction) are organizing a series of on-line debates (and competitions) in order to challenge different viewpoints and examine common controversies in the housing, urban development, and post-disaster reconstruction fields. The debates aim at providing a platform for engaged knowledge sharing among members and promoting exchanges among academics, practitioners, and students worldwide.
The objective of our online debates is not to radicalize dialogue between academics and practitioners, but instead, to develop more nuanced, sophisticated and elaborated arguments regarding common dilemmas and controversies. Our experience with live and online debates proves, however, that starting with a slightly radical question is highly useful: it captures the essence of the problem, it attracts comments and interest, it demystifies common practices and permits to create a basic canvas for a more interesting dialogue among panelists. In fact, we have found that panelists often find each other on the way and bring with them the vast majority of the audience, reaching a more appropriate argument that often bridges theory and practice.
We hope that you, as a student, professor, decision-maker or practitioner will participate in this exciting event.
Gonzalo Lizarralde – Moderator 
Mahmood Fayazi – Organizer